Movement + Perception + Cognition = More Power

+ Perception
+ Cognition
= More power

What is Life Kinetik?

Life Kinetik is the form of training that combines perceptual tasks with cognitive challenges and unusual, fun movement.

The goal is to create many new connections between brain cells through the different tasks in order to become more efficient in everyday life.

Life Kinetik is the only training of its kind in the world that has proven the many effects mentioned above in over 30 scientific studies.

High-performance athletes from all sports swear by it, as do educators, teachers, entrepreneurs and senior citizens.

The unique combination of perceptual components such as functional optometry, auditory rhythm or somatosensory, paired with cognitive elements such as working memory, attention or problem-solving intelligence, and unusual movement tasks guarantees maximum variety, fun and success.

More than 2,000 exercises with several billion variations ensure that you benefit in the best possible way for all the tasks you have to accomplish every day. More than 30 scientific papers give you the good feeling of being in good hands with the market leader.

Whenever you do something new, your brain tries to find a solution. If matching pathways between brain cells do not yet exist, your brain builds them immediately. This is learning. You can also use these new tracks for other tasks.

This only works if you change the task as soon as 3-4 out of 10 attempts work. This is exactly what Life Kinetik uses. Unusual combinations of diverse tasks stimulate the brain to create new connections. The more connections, the more powerful you are.

The unusual movement tasks provoke fun experiences. Fun means you're more willing to learn and more receptive.

Everyone between 1 and 111 benefits from Life Kinetik. Life Kinetik has no age limits or physical requirements. On the contrary, it can be arranged so that grandpa can join his grandson in the same course and both are equally challenged.

High performance athletes especially love this training because there is no pressure.

Teachers win twice: on the one hand they help their students to perform better, on the other hand they have an efficient module to sharpen the senses again when concentration drops. This reduces disciplinary problems enormously - the risk of burnout decreases!

Since everyone has different prerequisites, everyone reacts differently to the training. What is certain is that everyone is improving in some area. Studies have clearly proven this. The cause is an increase in connectivity between brain cells, scientifically proven by MRI scans.

Better reading, spelling, calculating, moving more skillfully, processing disturbances better, feeling less stress, sleeping better are, for example, frequent "consequences".

You can find the individual resulting improvements under Effects.

You decide how much improvement Life Kinetik can bring you. The simplest form is Life Kinetik Fun. You do some exercises yourself from one of the books or with the knowledge from a Life Kinetik Adventure. Of course, you can't expect big changes with this, but it's a start.

You can only achieve the great results of scientific research by taking a Life Kinetik Performance course with a certified Life Kinetik coach. He has mastered Life Kinetik training theory and incorporates all the elements that make Life Kinetik so successful.

You can achieve the optimum for you with Life Kinetik Professional. Individually tailored to you, the best Life Kinetik awaits you!

Or you can become a Life Kinetik Coach yourself, then you can train yourself and others ideally.


Statements from 4 professional athletes:

Andrea Henkel - ex-biathlete, two-time Olympic champion and eight-time world champion

Dennis Endras - active ice hockey goalkeeper for Adler Mannheim from the DEL, two-time German champion, silver medalist at the Olympics 2018

Monika Karsch - active sports shooter in the disciplines of air and sport pistol, silver medal Olympic Rio 2016 in sports shooting.

Jürgen Klopp - head coach of Liverpool FC, Champions League victory in 2019, winning the English championship in 2020

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Voices of Life Kinetik Performance course participants:

"My coordination has gotten much better, my balance was very off - it has gotten better..."

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The Life Kinetik offers



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