Answers to the most important questions about Life Kinetics

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Questions and answers

What is the difference between Life Kinetik Fun, Performance and Professional?

In Life Kinetik Fun, only exercises from the Life Kinetik pool are performed without much structure. This is fun, loosens up and may well bring about the first changes.

Life Kinetik Performance courses can only be conducted by a certified Life Kinetik Coach. The knowledge of Life Kinetics training theory required for this is taught exclusively in the Life Kinetics Coach training and is not published anywhere else. Almost all scientific findings are based on this approach. The expected training success is of course significantly higher than with Life Kinetik Fun. Therefore, ask about his/her certification when someone tells you that he/she now offers Life Kinetics.

Life Kinetik Professional first determines your profile via testing procedures and then designs a customized individual training. This is the royal road with Life Kinetics.

Why Life Kinetics?

The unique combination of perceptual components such as functional optometry, auditory rhythm or somatosensory, paired with cognitive elements such as working memory, attention or problem-solving intelligence, and unusual movement tasks guarantees maximum variety, fun and success.

More than 2,000 exercises with several billion variations ensure that you benefit in the best possible way for all the tasks you have to accomplish every day. More than 30 scientific papers give you the good feeling of being in good hands with the market leader.

How does Life Kinetics work?

Whenever you do something new, your brain tries to find a solution. If matching pathways between brain cells do not yet exist, your brain builds them immediately. This is learning. You can also use these new lanes for other tasks.

This only works if you change the task once 3-4 out of 10 attempts work. This is exactly what Life Kinetics uses. Unusual combinations of diverse tasks stimulate the brain to create new connections. The more connections, the more powerful you are.

The unusual movement tasks provoke fun experiences. Fun means you're more willing to learn and more receptive.

What makes Life Kinetics so unique?

As the market leader with over 5,000 trained Life Kinetik Coaches, Life Kinetik offers a high degree of dissemination.

No other training offers the special combination of a total of 21 components in the areas of "Optimal Perception" (visual, auditory, somatosensory), "Flexible Body Control" (movement change, chain, flow) and "Cognitive Skills" (working memory, attention, fluid intelligence performance).

In addition, there is no training of this kind that has proven the multi-faceted effects in more than 30 scientific studies.

Who is Life Kinetics for?

Everyone between 1 and 111 benefits from Life Kinetics. Life Kinetics has no age limits or physical requirements. On the contrary, it can be arranged so that grandpa can join his grandson in the same course and both are equally challenged. High performance athletes especially love training because there is no pressure.

Teachers win twice: on the one hand they help their students to perform better, on the other hand they have an efficient module to sharpen the senses again when concentration drops. This reduces disciplinary problems enormously - the risk of burnout decreases!

What benefits do you get from Life Kinetics?

Since everyone has different prerequisites, everyone reacts differently to the training. What is certain is that everyone is improving in some area. Studies have clearly proven this. The cause is an increase in connectivity between brain cells, scientifically proven by MRI scans.

Better reading, spelling, calculating, moving more skillfully, processing disturbances better, feeling less stress, sleeping better are, for example, frequent "consequences".

You can find the individual resulting improvements under Effects.

How can I join Life Kinetics?

You decide how much improvement Life Kinetics can bring you. The simplest form is Life Kinetik Fun. You do some exercises yourself from one of the books or with the knowledge from an experience day. Of course, you can't expect big improvements with this, but it's a start.

You can only achieve the great results of scientific research by taking a Life Kinetik Performance course with a certified Life Kinetik coach. He has mastered Life Kinetics training theory and incorporates all the elements that make Life Kinetics so successful.

You can achieve the optimum for you with Life Kinetik Professional. Individually tailored to you, the best Life Kinetics awaits you!

Or you can become a Life Kinetics Coach yourself, then you can train yourself and others ideally.

Are Life Kinetics courses available online?

Life Kinetics coaches specially certified for this purpose are also allowed to offer online courses. Ask your provider if they are certified to do this. Basically, Life Kinetics also works online, although it lacks interaction between participants.

How often do I need to practice Life Kinetics?

All it takes is 60 minutes of Life Kinetics performance per week to experience corresponding change. More than 120 minutes per week no longer bring a proportional increase in results. Obviously, the brain needs adaptation time. That's why it doesn't make sense to train for 60 minutes two days in a row or to extend a training session beyond 60 minutes.

What material do I need to train Life Kinetics?

A few small balls (tennis balls, juggling balls, etc.) and a kitchen towel are all you need to try it out. A little more professional is the exercise set in the Life Kinetik Shop With it, a lot of exercises can already be performed in the area of Life Kinetik Fun, especially since there are also many exercises completely without material requirements.

Additional material is required for Life Kinetics Performance. As a rule, the Life Kinetics coach provides the material for the performance course. For pandemic times or even upon request, there is a Life Kinetik Performance Course Package that you can purchase from your Life Kinetik Coach. This ensures that each participant uses his own material.

How can I become a Life Kinetics Coach myself?

All you have to do is click on the button in the upper right corner and register for one of our trainings. In principle, there are no admission requirements for training as a Life Kinetics Coach, although a certain basic athleticism is advantageous. For more information, visit www.lifekinetikcoach.com.

Are Life Kinetics also available for companies?

In principle, certified Life Kinetics coaches can also offer their courses to companies. For larger companies, special solutions are usually required. Therefore, there are no standardized offers for this. If you or your company would like to offer Life Kinetics to employees, please fill out the contact form. We'll get back to you.

What is a Life Kinetics School?

Some school leaders have recognized the huge potential of Life Kinetics. It helps students do better and teachers have fewer disciplinary problems and thus less stress.

If more than 50% of the teachers at a school or kindergarten are trained, the school is allowed to use the title "Life Kinetics School". This even entitles these trained teachers to initiate a kind of company health management (= BGM, which unfortunately only exists in the free economy, but not at schools or kindergartens) for themselves and their colleagues and to train themselves.

The necessary training is organized within the school and conducted by a Life Kinetics master trainer on site. Depending on the type of school and the needs, the training can be adapted. Please enter your request in the contact form. We'll get back to you.

What is a Life Kinetics senior living facility?

Here, almost the same specifications apply as for Life Kinetics schools. If you are interested, please let us know your needs in the contact form.

Do health insurance companies pay for Life Kinetics courses?

Basically, Life Kinetics is a very great health workout. Nevertheless, it is not a therapy, so it is not subsidized by health insurance companies.

Some health insurance companies reward participation in a Life Kinetik Performance course by including it in their bonus system. Just check with your health insurance provider.

Some specially trained Life Kinetik prevention coaches can offer coordination courses with Life Kinetik elements that are subsidized by health insurance companies. However, these courses do not meet the criteria for Life Kinetics Performance courses.

Does Life Kinetics work for dementia, stroke, Parkinson's or multiple sclerosis?

Life Kinetics is not a therapy and therefore a Life Kinetics coach is not a Life Kinetics therapist. We are a training that changes something in each person.

But we don't know beforehand what will change in anyone's case, because everyone is an individual. All we know is that there has never been anyone harmed by the training since 2006. Therefore, there is no "effect" with Life Kinetics.

Some statements of participants in Life Kinetics trainings with various diseases show very positive reactions. Therefore, we always advise to just try it, because joy and fun are guaranteed.

Can I write a scientific paper about life kinetics?

You have to write a paper as part of your education and would like to write it about Life Kinetics? That's not a problem as long as you're not doing hands-on research.

If you have a practical topic planned, it is imperative that the practice sessions are given by a certified Life Kinetics coach so that Life Kinetics Performance is actually studied.

Of course, the best thing would be for you to complete the Life Kinetics Coach training yourself. Then you are well informed and can approach your work in a well-founded manner. Upon request, I will be happy to share with you some exciting topics that have not yet been explored. Please let us know your request in the contact form. We'll be in touch.