Life Kinetik Fun

You want to get a taste of Life Kinetik

You find Life Kinetik exciting. But you're not sure yet if it's really something for you or your company, club, association, kindergarten, school, etc. Then first feel your way slowly and learn a little more about it. The following options are available for this:


In the Life Kinetik books, you'll learn what's behind Life Kinetik, find exercises, anecdotes, science, and lots of voices. Get inspired! - Until now, all books are only available in German.

Life Kinetik - brain training through movement: you want to try some Life Kinetik exercises on your own at home? Then this book is just right for you. The included CD with 27 audio tracks will help you surprise yourself. Click here for the book.

My training with Life Kinetik: Felix Neureuther shows you his favorite exercises divided into difficulty levels. There is also a flip book and anecdotes from his life. Click here for the book.

Play better soccer with Life Kinetik: you are passionate about soccer and want to do Life Kinetik and improve your technique at the same time? 50 celebrity voices and 45 exercises with 350 variations are waiting for you. Click here for the book.

Life Kinetik- movement makes the brain: you'll find a wealth of information in this book: tests, voices, science, everyday tips, background information, exercises, a reader's puzzle and the first Life Kinetik party game "Checker". Click here for the book.


This infotainment will inspire you! No matter what the occasion, this presentation offers a diverse fireworks display of information, fun and exercise.

Exciting tests amaze just as much as the participatory exercises that look so simple. Fun videos illustrate many topics and show you what Life Kinetics is for.

This presentation will liven up any event and guarantee satisfied participants.

If you are interested, we will be happy to make you an offer. The price depends on the number of participants, the duration as well as the speaker and will be determined individually after contacting us.