Life Kinetik in the media

MDR Thüringen Journal 22-6-22

MDR Thuringia Journal

" really have to concentrate really, really hard to get it right in the first place. It's fun and it challenges you..."

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Lokalzeit aus Aachen 28-1-22 Film

WDR local time

"'s all about overtaxing and thus ultimately promoting the formation of synapses" "If those were already the easiest exercises, then - ok - I'm ready..."

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NDR DAS! with Hajo Schumacher

"...Life Kinetik is now making sure that these conduits are being rerouted." "When you allude to the different channels, these connections grow..."

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NDR Rounds

"...every one of us at some time or another is concerned with the question: How to manage not to become forgetful one day, to keep the little gray cells in the brain fit...".

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Felix Neureuther does Life Kinetik at Lockdown

"..I have two balls in my hand, I throw them straight up, cross my arms and then catch the balls. The whole thing then looks like this..."

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