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There is news!

As you already know, Cinderella GmbH and I have ended our long-term cooperation, for which I thank you.

Now I am happy to be solely responsible for my Life Kinetik brand. This allows me to implement a multitude of my ideas and yours and those of the other nearly 5000-headed members of the Life Kinetics family.

Because my vision is to grow together with you, to continue the success story of Life Kinetik and to have a lot of fun together.

The motto for the next few years is: We Life Kinetics for all!

To do this, I put almost everything to the test and realized that we act like 5,000 people who live in a big city, Berlin for example. They have only one thing in common: they are Berliners, at least from the address. But I have in mind a village with 5000 inhabitants, a village where people know each other, help and support each other. A village that fights together to make it better known so that everyone can participate. It starts with the mayor, who, together with the municipal council, listens to community members and implements their concerns in the best possible way. This continues with the entrepreneurs, who are just as much on board as the teachers or the exercise instructors in the sports club. The rest of the population also sees to it that everyone feels comfortable in the village.

I see myself as the Life Kinetics mayor in this. Of the approximately 1900 eligible voters in the first Life Kinetik survey in October, over 60% gave their opinion. This sensational quota, for which I would like to thank you very much, has strengthened me in my path, which I would like to follow together with you!

I'm sure I won't be able to please everyone. Whether everything I want to implement will work, I can't say either. For this very reason, I want to remain adaptable and not hesitate to change the path I have taken if it makes sense.

So don't be surprised if I approach you with a questionnaire from time to time.

In many conversations, I've become aware of our main mission: we have great coaches. Many of them - maybe you, too - would like to give more training, but are having trouble attracting customers.

That's why I decided to take a big step, which for me is associated with one word: evolution!

This means that I open the floodgates and loosen the shackles.

You'll have a lot more freedom, a lot more opportunities, and I'll invest heavily in high-profile marketing.

We will use social media channels, there will be new videos, apps, various presentations, increased public appearances, well-known ambassadors, testimonials and new collaborations.

We reach almost 15 million users through this alone. But imagine if we included our village as well. Each of us has many contacts. Some 5, some 50, some 500. Each of these contacts has contacts again itself. Our range would constantly increase.

However, the whole thing only works if as many of the 5000 as possible are involved. Because it only works if the great demand generated by the corresponding actions can then also be served by active Life Kinetics coaches.

My premise is to achieve this with as little administrative effort as possible. For this purpose, a new system is introduced that brings together the interested parties and the providers (i.e. you and your colleagues). I am convinced that this will work if I have high quality and reliable coaches on whom I can blindly rely. Just like you! Because you represent Life Kinetics! The more Life Kinetics Coaches participate, the greater our collective success will be!

The most important thing is that everyone is equipped for these tasks in the best possible way. To this end, I have completely revolutionized the training offered: There is now only one basic training course, which can later be expanded on a modular basis for individual areas of application. In addition, there will be a wide selection of training courses, which - where possible - will also be bookable online.

Speaking of online. Right now we can bring joy to the struggling people with our training. Of course, this also includes offering the courses online. This will be possible in the future.

One of the big tasks is to improve the external image, that is, to show the difference between just stringing together unusual exercises and a real Life Kinetics workout.

This is done by redefining it into 3 areas:
1.Life Kinetik Fun, 2.Life Kinetik Performance and 3.Life Kinetik Professional.

Life Kinetik Fun is basically what some competitors offer: "A few fun exercises, rather less structured and best used in all possible constellations". The classic example: to loosen up or concentrate attention in the classroom, at meetings or with friends. This is primarily about fun with nice, positive side effects. Basically, anyone who has purchased a Life Kinetics book or attended an experiential presentation can do this. It must be clear that this is only a small part.

Life Kinetik Performance is the training based on Life Kinetik principles that only certified Life Kinetik coaches are allowed to offer. Typical example: the 12-week Life Kinetics course. This is all about optimizing brain power while having fun. This can only be achieved with the perfectly coordinated combination of our 3 training areas with the 3 basic complexes, the 6 supplementary complexes and the 18 sub-complexes.

Life Kinetik Professional will be the absolute premium product from Life Kinetik. It aims to tailor online individual coaching sessions to the specific needs of prospective clients to enable them to develop their "life kinetics performance" in the best possible way. Basis is a seminar with test series, which is offered exclusively by myself. Target group: very performance-oriented people, whether in sports or at work, who are not satisfied with anything but the optimum. After that, they have to be accompanied, and for that, of course, I need coaches again. That means that this will also be a togetherness again, even if the launch is only carried out by me.

In order to be able to implement all of this, it is necessary to create contractual foundations. You can choose from several alternatives. Similar to how there are different types of residents in a village, there are different types of residents in our village. You can choose between the basic offer and 3 service offers:

Some prefer to live on the outskirts and like to keep to themselves. He already wants to know what is happening in the community, but does not actively participate.

The second group already interacts a bit more with its neighbors and may be interested in further contacts. However, they are very busy at work and do not have too much time. Therefore, it should not be too much.

The third group is the vast majority in the community. These villagers are committed, possibly active in one or even 2 associations and participate intensively in village life. They want to make a difference. They want to help make sure everyone is doing well.

The residents of the fourth group are the real movers and shakers. They are members of the fire department, the traditional costume club, play soccer and still coach the boys and girls of the E-youth. They actively participate in the design and have the greatest interest in ensuring that everyone gets ahead.

Of course, there are a few outsiders in the village, but they don't feel comfortable and will move away sooner or later. I hope, of course, that there will be very few who will then take this step.

To paraphrase our Life Kinetik family: only those who stay on the ball permanently will remain partners of Life Kinetik. Otherwise it's no fun for either side, and that's the most important thing in life for me. It has to be enjoyable, otherwise we won't get anywhere in my eyes.

Together with Life Kinetics, we have already built a good reputation that I don't want to jeopardize.

We still have to jump over one hurdle: In order to allow you to continue using the Life Kinetik brand and the partnership, a new agreement with the newly founded LiKE GmbH, of which I am the sole managing director and shareholder, is formally necessary. LiKE means Life Kinetics Evolution. Therefore, with the exception of the "i", all letters are capitalized.

Now it's your turn! In order for me to offer you a new contract, I need your current contact information and your consent to use this data. You will find the contact form on this page. Please fill it out, also check the privacy box and send it to me. Then you will receive the new contract offer shortly.

Everything will run electronically, i.e. paperless, because we want to be modern there as well and march into the future.

We are all Life Kinetics - let's take it to the world, because we can do so much more with this fantastic workout and make the world a better place. This is my dream

I sincerely hope you will join us and remain or become an active member of our Life Kinetics village!

I look forward to hopefully seeing you in person again soon.

Take care and see you soon