The Coach Search

On this page you will find questions and answers about the coach search. Also, below is a form with which you can change, delete or add your location. All changes are reviewed prior to publication. If you have any questions or something doesn't work, you can write it in the comment field in the form. This will take you directly to our team that manages the coaching search.


Questions and answers

I would like to stop getting requests through Coach Search but continue to have a listing in Coach Search.

Please write "no requests" in the appropriate field on the form. Your entry will then no longer have the categories online offers and presence offers, the button for the contact form will be gone and a note "Currently fully booked" will appear.

How can I change or delete my name, address, phone number, email address or website?

Fill in the form below with the new data. Please take the time to carefully check your data for accuracy.

Please pay attention to the correct spelling of the data. After submitting the form, the changes will be checked. The changes are idR. online within 2 working days. You will not receive an email when your changes are live. Please check in with Coach Search after 2 business days to see if everything is correct.

If you want to delete data please fill the appropriate field with the word "delete".

How can I change or delete my categories (online offers, individual training, etc.)?

Please select your categories at the bottom of the form. For some categories you have to attend certain courses beforehand. Current course dates can be found here.

How can I delete my location?

To do so, please write the word "Delete location" in the appropriate field in the form below.

How can I add, change or delete my image?

Please add your picture to the form below. Please make sure that your image is smaller than 1MB. You can resize your image here for free and online. Please do not use a logo as a picture, but a picture of yourself. Please make sure that your image is rectangular and does not have an extra frame. Round images or images with frames are not integrated into the Coach search, otherwise the layout will not look consistent.

If you want to delete your image please write "delete" in the appropriate field in the form.

Can I also add 2 or more locations of mine?

If you have a place of business in multiple locations, you can add multiple locations.


Important: Please check carefully if everything is written correctly and your data is correct before sending.

Delete: Please write "delete" in the appropriate field.

Duration: Your changes are idR. live in 2 business days.

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